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You're Welcome Here Kind Stranger:

Roud Songs books 0 through X and Final Book

for voice, piano, and other varied instruments


  016              Frog Went a’Courtin (SCO)
  122              Golden Vanity (UK)* Copland's Golden Willow Tree is a sanctioned replacement

  278              Seven Joys of Mary (UK)
  322              Drunken Sailor (US)
  409              The Butcher Boy (UK)


  544                I Bought Me a Cat (US)* Copland is a sanctioned replacement
  682/700        The First Nowell, I Saw Three Ships (COR/UK)
  738.               Buffalo Gals (US)
  827                Git Along Little Dogies (US)
  901                The Lost Lady Found (UK)

BOOK 2 "The Great British Isle Set"

  1083             Brigg Fair (UK)
  1164             Old King Cole (UK)
  1207             Shepherds Arise (UK)
  1350             The Twa Magicians (SCO)
  1422             My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (SCO)

BOOK 3"The Workers"

  1528              The Butcher and the Tailor’s Wife (UK)
  1659              The Factory Girl (UK)
  1759/1799    Rufford Park Poachers* (UK)
  1836              The Lakes of Pontchartrain (US)* Paul Brady is a sanctioned replacement

  1941               Jamie Foyers (US)* 

BOOK 4 "The Fiddle Set"

  2146               The Black Velvet Band (IRE, AUS, UK, US, CAN)

  3413               Cumberland Gap (US)

  4228               Wabash Cannonball (US)

  5430/35/39   Amazing Grace, Swing Low, Wade In The Water (US/UK, US)

BOOK 5"Here Come the Americans"

  6294               Auld Lang Syne (SCO/UK)*

  6393               The House of the Rising Sun (US)* The Animals are a sanctioned replacement

  6673               When Johnny Comes Marching Home (US)

  6701               John the Revelator (US)* P. Caldwell and S. Ivory is a sanctioned replacement

BOOK 6 "The Children's Set"

  7501               He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (US/UK)

  7662               Mary Had a Little Lamb (US)

  7666               Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (US/UK)

  7922               The Muffin Man (US/UK)

  7925               Ring a Round O'Roses (US)


  8148               How Many Miles to Babylon (US)

  8231               Union Dixie (US)* Ernie Ford is a sanctioned replacement

  8337               Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (UK)

  8358               Angels from the Realms of Glory (UK)

  8460               Over the Hills and Far Away (UK)

BOOK 8 "Much of what you owned"

  9134               I Shall Not Be Moved (US)

  9435               Leaving of Liverpool (UK/IRE/US)

  9536               Waltzing Matilda (AUS)

  9598               Loch Lomond (SCO)

  9695               On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away (US)*


  11235             It's a Long Way to Tipperary (UK)*

  13867             The Minstrel Boy (IRE)

  15221             Rock Island Line (US)*

  16378             This Land is Your Land (US)

  18130             You Are My Sunshine (US)


  21931             Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (UK)* Gardner is sanctioned replacement

  23565             Danny Boy (IRE)

  26713             The Little Drummer Boy (US)

  28881             Nearer My God to Thee (UK)



   790                  John Henry (US)*

   SCO- Scotland
   UK - United Kingdom
   US - United States
   COR - Cornwall

   AUS - Australia

   IRE - Ireland

   CAN - Canada

   * - Favorite of the Composer

Sanctioned replacements are a statement by the composer that he could never produce any version or arrangement that could surpass the artistry and quality of the endorsement. Therefore, in place of his work, the sanctioned work would welcomely be performed in its place.


230/278          We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Seven Joys of Mary (UK)

682/700          The First Nowell, I Saw Three Ships (COR/UK)

1164                Old King Cole (UK) 

1207                Shepherds Arise (UK)

8337                Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (UK)

8358                Angels from the Realms of Glory (UK)

21931              Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (UK)

25608/6713    What Child Is This/The Little Drummer Boy (UK/US)

          (selections from above may be performed as a Christmas set)

A complete performance can run 3 ½ hours. Smaller sets can be arranged as 0-3, 4-7, 8-F. 



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